🔧Build a Yagi Vault

We are looking for ambitious developers that would like to develop a vault for Yagi and form the nucleus of our contributor community.

Phase 1 applications will soon open. Please join our Discord to stay informed!

Phase 1

Discover and nurture the most promising StarkNet developers – Q4 2022 (estimated)

Our objective for Phase 1 of the contributor program is to discover the best talent in the StarkNet ecosystem and help them make their first contributions to Yagi. Successful participants will be in a great position to develop their careers with another StarkNet protocol or may join us for Phase 2 to build mainnet vaults and receive incentives. We will consider talented applicants with no Cairo experience as long as they have existing familiarity with Solidity and an interest in learning to develop on StarkNet.

Phase 2

Reward vault developers with a fee share model – H1 2023 (estimated)

Our next step will be to gather the most promising candidates from Phase 1 and allow them to independently work on vaults. When published, these vaults will receive fees from users and the fee will be shared between Yagi and the contributor for that vault.

Phase 3 (More details to follow)

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